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Narcissus Hotels were launched to meet the brilliant vision and history of “Boudl Group”. Narcissus Hotels reflect a great picture that combines International architecture and modern luxury. Narcissus hotels group consists of 3 hotels and one resort, all ranked 5 stars.
The future plan for Narcissus is to establish hotels at Makkah, Madinah, Khobar, and Aseer; all representing a cultural and majestic heritage.
Narcissus existing hotels are: “Narcissus” Riyadh, “Classic Tower” Riyadh, “Narcissus Jeddah88”, and “Narcissus” Abhor. Each room of Narcissus hotels has five star specifications to meet all the needs of the hotel guests whether, families, individual, or VIP guests. Go to website

Narcissus Hotel


Braira Hotel

Braira which is a four star hotel is considered to be one of the most important and most famous brands in the field of tourism and hotels for many considerations.
The luxury felt by guests in all hotel parts.
- The enormous luxury that guests in all hotel parts.
- Mixing the classical Arabic style known for its hospitality and authenticity along with modern luxury which is present in all hotel services. Go to website



“Boudl Group” for hotels and resort established the new chain of “Aber Hotels” that has been launched in 2016 to meet the needs of several segmentations of our valued guest, as we present a modern hotels throughout best price concept with the quality which we are always promise to guarantee to our valued guest. The budget concept becomes nowadays highly required for travelers and whom seeking for break to change the regular live style.
The hotel chain is unique in providing special services with a budget rates and characterized by the modern and Arab genuineness designs. The Number of “Aber Hotels” has reached 6 hotels located in Riyadh, Qassim, Southern and eastern province and our strategic plan include to spread out in entire the kingdom regions.Go to website

aber Hotel

Boudl 'Apart Hotels

Boudl Hotel

Boudl Hotel Apartments in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are characterized by giving guests a sense of at home modern luxury while maintaining the deep rooted Saudi luxurious hospitality, for all suites consist of a separate kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, and a bathroom.
At Boudl Hotel Apartment, you feel at home after a long hard working or touristic day.
The hotel is managed by a more than 30 year experienced team.
“Boudl” brand is spread through more than 35 hotels in KSA and 2 in Kuwait; while Boudl group is planning to spread all over the Gulf area.Go to website

Bur Bakery & Cafe

Bur bakery

Bur brand is owned by Boudl Hotels & Resorts , it combines the bakery and cafe, offering its products and services to the customers through a professional team who has extensive experience in the field. The bakery is equipped with the latest ovens, to provide the customers with the finest products in addition to the international and Arabic coffee, prepared by highly skilled staff.
BUR priority is to satisfy the customer’s needs, and to work on continue improvements to achieve the highest quality standards. Boodles strategy is to expand Bur bakery to reach 96 branches in KSA and abroad in line with the kingdom vision 2030.Go to website

Bur Bakery & Cafe

Pampa Grill

Pampa Grill Bradns

The Argentinean cuisine that offers different flavors for different tastes. You will have the chance to savor unique luscious dishes, meat, and desserts.
“Pampa Grill” is a chain restaurant offering a serial blend of European and Latin American products. It was established in Riyadh in 2013 at Narcissus Hotel which is owned by Boudl Group. Well-known for its Argentinean style, Pampa Grill skyrocketed for its exquisite taste, excellent service, and high quality.
Pampa grill 4 branches are in all 5 star Narcissus Hotels.